Julob – We Are Changing Everything In The Nigerian Media

When sometime around 2016 I met Izuchukwu, I didn’t know we were about having a long way to go. Stanford had met him first, and then I did.

Izuchukwu Okafor was working on his first brand – Uncommon Me International and we partook actively.
The next big shock was Comr. Izu becoming the president of the Science Faculty, which is one of the biggest faculties in the Imo State University.
If that didn’t shock me, I wonder what else could. Of truth, I totally didn’t see that coming not because I didn’t believe in him (he was my friend and automatically my candidate), but because he started his ambitions late.

You can imagine someone who wasn’t so heavily funded, asked to step down by a SUG president aspirant and fought directly, yet he managed to make himself a man of the people.

We began to work, and the next start-up was Safeearth Nigeria. As a team, we organized cleaning exercises at Imo State University, and of course, they were a huge success.
No, no one was paying us, and we had no aims at making financial gains, and everything was driven by a passion to make changes in society.

After Safeearth, we launched our next start-up – Julob Entertainment. I said next because we know you will be expecting more.
As a brand, Julob is focusing on brand promotions, PR/ media consultancy, news, movies, documentaries, event organization and coverage and a lot of other things.

It is serving as a parent company to our other brands, and we hope to manage talents in the future.
While there have been fragments of people doing what we are doing now, there are almost no one brands that are doing all, together.
It is for the sole purpose of promoting talents, employing persons and reaching out to the world.

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Look out on our official website, and we will be creating opportunities you can queue in to, soon!

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