Running A Tech Startup? Here's What You Need To Know

Running A Tech Startup? Here’s What You Need To Know

Running a tech start-up is one of the most exciting things you can ever do, until it’s past a few months and you are static. You know? It happens most especially when you are working alone, and possibly trying to get through the early stages before getting a team onboard.

Now you have read lots of John Chow stuff, and invested in one or two motivational books from the likes of Robert Kiyosaki. What else should you do?
Well, you need to do what is required, and not necessarily what is right. There are key things you cannot run a successful tech company without, and we would be looking into them now.

Key Things To Take Note Of Before Proceeding On Your Tech Startup

Some of the key things to take note of as a start-up include:-

  • It would not be easy

Have you heard Elon Musk talk about how he started? I didn’t say it might not be easy, I said it would not.
If launching a new business was so easy, everyone would be doing it and umm, more competitors. When things are not going exactly the way you expected, keep pushing.
You can halt a little, but don’t just pause.

  • No one would read the book except you write them

The same goes with running a start-up, no one would know the business exists except it actually does.
You could have a jotter with your plans for the year, and they would remain at your bedside till the next year begins.
Get those your ideas started today, and you could be the next big thing.

  • Don’t work alone!

No matter what, always try to get people hop into your team! If you want to go faster, you go alone and if you want to go farther, go with people.
It is easier to run a business with three people, and when you are getting demotivated, the remaining will carry you along.

  • Audience is king

No matter what you are doing online, the audience is king. If a hundred people will make you $200, five hundred will make you $1000.
You can invest in social media ads, or any other ways to grow your audience.

  • Quantity matters, quality does too!

While you might be tempted into pumping contents (assuming your start-up involves that), remember that too much of junk contents will kill your start-up too.
It is the same with products. It is better you sell to a hundred people and give them top notch services to earn great feedbacks, than sell to a thousand who would give you negative reviews and possibly kill your business.

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No matter what you do, remember you cannot survive alone. Apply for funding when you get the opportunity, as it would mean a leap in your career.

Treat each client specially as if they were a huge sponsor, and watch them return.


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