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Social Media Marketing: What You Need To Know Before Getting Started

Social media marketing simply put is the use of social media platforms in the promotion of goods and services. These social media platforms include but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkin, TikTok, Snapchat, WeChat and others.

In fact, there are more than a hundred active social media platforms in the world, with tons of others who are not so active, and barely make it to the statistics.
A lot of them are available to almost all countries in the world, and some others like WeChat have accumulated users in specific regions and not so talked about in the others.

Introduction To Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing from a layman’s point of view is the use of these platforms for the promotion of goods and services.
There are many advantages of social media marketing over the regular media advertising, and among all they are much more affordable.

Also, the world is fast evolving, and everything is going to the internet. There are over 4.33 billion social media users around the world at the start of 2021, according to, and that’s around 55% of the world’s total population.
Looking at the stats, no matter how much we try to avoid the developments, they would surely get stuck with us and so, adaptation is the only option.

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Advantages of Social Media Marketing Over Traditional Media

By traditional media, I mean set of media covering media channels such as television, newspapers, radio, and magazines.
While they are a good option for advertisers, there are several reasons social media marketing are a better option:-

  • Analytics

With social media marketing, you can be able to track and take note of various stats from your ads, from location of audience, to their gender, interests and stuff.
This will help you target your ads better, and know how good or bad they actually are performing.

On the traditional media however it is not entirely so, and you can only see your ads on the televisions, newspapers and magazines, but can’t tell for real if conversions came from them, or even whether they were actually read.

  • Detailed targeting

You can target social media users by their gender, interests, geographics and more.
This helps you in a way, and you don’t target males with female shoe ads, when you are not even sure of whether there is a woman in their life (haha).
It also helps you in a way, and you can choose to show your ads to only people in Owerri for instance.

  • Affordable

You can decide to pay for only 10,000 people to view your ads, and this is only available on internet (blogs, social media, etc) ads.
Also, on Facebook you can spend only $10 on ads, and on Twitter the minimum is $50 (still amazing).
It has helped a lot of micro marketers generate more revenue and grow their businesses, since not every start-up will be able to splash thousands of dollars on adverts.

  • Improved brand loyalty

Since you will be running your ads with your brand’s pages in most cases, it will result in more followers, and you will be paving the way for better followership.
What this means is that you will be having to spend on promoting to new people, while you already have established paying fans, who can’t wait to try out your other products.

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Social Media Marketing Techniques

There are several tactics that you can employ to help you with your social media marketing.
Some of them include:

  • Influencer marketing

Where you pay people with an already established fan base to help you with your social media marketing.
It is most times advisable to pay people in the niche of your products to do the ads, as you’ll be reaching out to people who are already interested in you.

  • Organic marketing

In a case where you already have the fan base, you can employ several methods to reach out to the fans and people who are already following the page.
It could include making of videos (maybe comedy videos) to talk about the ads, or writing of posts, in this case you might be needing the services of a good copywriter.

  • Sponsored ads

You can also choose to promote your adverts to people who are not currently following the page at your own budget.
Almost all social media platforms have the options for this, and there are several strategies you will need to make sure you get the best results, at the best rates.

Key Social Media Terms

Some of the terms you need to get familiar with before setting off with your social media career include:-

  • Contents

By contents, I mean whatever you are posting on your platforms.
It could be videos, photos, texts or anything else.

  • Hashtags

Hashtags, starting with # help you to highlight and join a trend, or particular group of discussions.
It is available on almost all social media platforms.

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Take for instance, I could use hashtag, #EndSARS to join the End SARS protests and engage with other people talking about it.

  • Likes

Likes were originally created to show that people actually like your post, and some social media platforms have completely (or incompletely) removed it.

  • Comments

You can drop a comment on a post as the case maybe, and other users will be be able to reply to it.
Content creators can also choose to turn it off.

  • Shares

Shares simply show the number of times your posts were shared by your friends/followers.

  • Engagements

Engagements mean likes, comments, shares and any other ways people react to your posts.
They vary from platform to platform, but do not entirely mean different things.


Social media marketing can be simple, and complex at the same time.
It is best to study it properly before getting started, or you can contact our team to take care of the processes!


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