Tutorial On How Create A PayPal Account That Works In Nigeria



How to set up a PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria, as well as withdraw to your Nigerian bank account.

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One of major payment platforms, PayPal has been a major source of headache to Nigerians over the years, since we can not use it to receive money.
A lot of clients, freelance websites and other platforms have it as their choice method of payment, and sometimes you have no option but to forfeit the funds.

For how long?

Well, it’s time to finally smile, and you can now use PayPal just like any other countries.

With the PayPal account I’m teaching you how to create, you can;

  • Send funds
  • Receive funds
  • Create invoices
  • Request refunds
  • Withdraw to your Nigerian bank account

You will verify the account with your Nigerian phone number, and you create it with your ID card.
Please don’t sign in with VPN, as it could cause complications.

How Can You Purchase The Course?

Please use the add to cart, and check out. It will be downloaded to your device immediately after successful payment.

Don’t forget to contact us if you encounter any issues, or for further information.


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