How To Create A PayPal Account That Receives Money In Nigeria (No VPN)

How To Create A PayPal Account That Receives Money In Nigeria (No VPN)

One of the greatest challenges Nigerians who are trying to earn online face is receiving their money. While there are tens of alternatives, PayPal remains the number 1 option for various foreign brands and individuals.
However sadly, Nigerians cannot receive money via the platform, and for the past decade we have only been able to send.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is an American company operating an online payments system in the majority of countries that support online money transfers, and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders [Wikipedia].

Simply put, it is a payment processor that helps you send and receive money in seconds.

Why Are Nigerians Blacklisted By PayPal?

The question should be, why are people living in Nigeria blacklisted by PayPal? South Africans can use it, Americans, British, and tens of other countries, why Nigeria and a few other countries?
Honestly, only PayPal can answer that question. I have seen tons of replies to the particular question, and they all make sense equally lol.

So What Is The Way Out?

There are tens of alternatives to PayPal, but they are not PayPal. You can use cryptocurrency, Payoneer, Skrill and many other options.
You can even consider selling your stuff on sites like Gumroad who accept PayPal, but then you might need PayPal to receive their earnings also.

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And then?

We thought of it, an alternative is an alternative, and they’re never PayPal.
I began searching for a solution, and I saw myself on Google. Scrolling through a few results, I saw someone who claimed he was using PayPal in Nigeria, and without VPN.

Mind you, a lot of people advertised PayPal accounts that need VPNs to work, and I didn’t give that a chance because I know how much they could stress you, and eventually risk getting banned when you change your IP.

I paid for the course and downloaded it immediately, then I set up my account and began using it.
It’s more than 2 years now, and here are some of my screenshots from PayPal.

This is a screenshot from a PayPal payment I received.

I sent an invoice to a client, just the way you would do with any country’s account.


This screenshot is from my homepage, and you can check the dates and everything, they’re current as at the first time I published this post.

What Nigerian PayPal can do:

  • Send money
  • Request chargeback

What my own PayPal can do:

  • Send money
  • Request chargeback
  • Receive money
  • Request money
  • Create invoices
  • Withdraw to a Nigerian bank account

What Do You Need For The Account

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Credit/debit (ATM) card for verification

How Much Does It Cost To Get This Account

I normally charge ₦5,000 for setting up the account, but I will be teaching you how to do it for only ₦2,000 from now till the ending of this month.

After that, the price goes back to ₦5,000.
I have spent more than ₦20,000 gathering the knowledge in the course, and in a single month I made ₦174,000 creating accounts for people.

How Can You Purchase It?

To purchase the tutorial at the current price, please visit this link or contact us.

Remember the discount will be available till month end!

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