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I Made ₦174,000 In One Month Creating PayPal Accounts (Huge Secret Revealed!)

When you hear of PayPal, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? A giant tech company? The king of all payment processors? If you are a Nigerian and probably into some internet hustle, then the first thing that will pop up on your head is the fact that we are currently being blacklisted.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is an online company that helps in the receiving, sending and processing of payments for businesses and individuals in countries where it is available.

Yes, I won’t be making a very lengthy post so I’m trying so hard to get straight to the point. Nigeria and a lot of other countries are blacklisted on PayPal, so we cant receive money with it, we can only send.

Why Is Nigeria Being Banned From PayPal?

Honestly, I don’t know lol! I came into the internet hustle to meet an already banned Nigeria, and it might been that way for up to a decade now.

Some people say there was a heist involving the countries which were banned, or maybe some high risk area stuff, I can’t tell for exact but all I know is that it happened.

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How Did I React To The Ban?

I went on Google searching for how to use PayPal in Nigeria. From one tech forum to another, and from blog to blog, the world was turning on it’s own, and time was going.

Then I stumbled on this guy, and he claimed he knew how to make PayPal work, and has been using it for years.

Interesting! Dude You Really Do?

That was my first question to myself, then I picked up my phone and called him. He said he’d teach me, but it was for a fee, and we agreed and I credited his account, immediately.

Apparently, a client was supposed to pay me money running into a few hundreds of dollars, and his course was only ₦5,000.

When I sent him the money, he sent me a PDF that wasn’t even up to 20 pages (I swear lol) and at first it felt like umm, WTF!!!

Well, let’s give this a trial. I went on pc immediately and tried what he taught me and boom, here’s a PayPal account with all features available.

It felt like my Messiah had come, I emailed my client immediately and he paid me off.

But that didn’t end it…

The Nigerian part of me got activated immediately and I’m like, what if I begin to sell this course, I should rake in my own money too, or maybe even more?

I took the knowledge, reproduced it and began to sell.

How Much Did I Make?

The first month wasn’t a very serious one, and I ran ads and sold barely 12 copies, I was selling then at ₦3,000 per copy.

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I doubled up the second month, created a Facebook page, ran ads and boom, I generated revenue of ₦174,000.

Breakdown of the earnings:-

I sold only 58 in the month, and the revenue was exactly ₦174,000, and that was barely two months after I paid ₦5,000 to get the knowledge.

The secret?

Lol, if you didn’t learn anything till now, I doubt if I have any more things to say.

Sometimes you need to buy knowledge that you may think you do not need, repackage them, and sell! If one person can buy, five hundred can.

So how else can you make money from PayPal accounts?

I charge ₦5,000 for the creation of accounts, and ₦2,000 for the selling of the course. Getting clients is so easy, and I run Facebook ads, as well as get free conversions from Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups and Nairaland.

In a single day I have gotten six interested people from a single post in a group, and I made ₦30,000 doing almost nothing!

The truth is you are not making money because people do not know what to buy from you. Google how to create a working PayPal account and see how much in demand it is lol, I don’t even need to talk any more much.

How Can You Learn How To Create PayPal Accounts That Work In Nigeria?

Here’s a screenshot of my own PayPal account with transactions;

PayPal Nigeria

The date is there to show you, the last payment received was like 5 hours ago. I covered the clients’ name lol.

  • The PayPal account can send and receive money from anybody in the world, in seconds.
  • You do not need VPN to access it, in fact you should never use it.
  • I withdraw straight to my Nigerian bank account, and it arrives in seconds. You can check the third transaction there.
  • You use your normal phone number for the verification, so if you get locked out accessing it won’t take any stress.
  • It is completely free to set up!
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That’s it!

PayPal is possible in Nigeria, and we have been using it for years now. Will you continue to wait? Or you are cool to get your PayPal account + make some cool bucks?

I have a promo for you!

From now till the 1st of next month, I will be giving out this ebook for only ₦2,000, instead of the ₦5,000 I got it!

Yah, I could be stopping anytime though lol. No more long talks, use the link on this page to purchase it, or contact us for your own copy.

Let’s make this money, together!


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